E-mail Hosting

Hassle free and secure email hosting that syncs across all of your devices.

Computer Sales

Business class workstations for a faster more efficent business.

Network Management

Wired and wireless network installation, setup and management to fit your needs for any size business.

Data Backup

All your data backed up to the cloud so you'll never have to worry about losing files.

Virus Removal

Thorough virus and malware removal to make your computer run like new.

Computer Training

Hands on or remote training to help you learn and master the latest in technology.

About Antler Inc.

Antler is a full service computer and information technology company.
We provide world class off-site IT support for businesses that do not have a dedicated or full-time IT department.


An Antler Technician will provide you with a 6 digit pin to enter into one of the 2 boxes. After you enter the pin please click the "Connect" button. After you click Connect you will install a plugin by either clicking "Run" or "Save". If the plugin is not installed automatically then please go into your Downloads folder and run the plugin. After the plugin is installed you will be prompted to allow a remote connection.

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